UNMUZZLED: Escaping Sexual Sin, Satan's Grip on Men

Could sexual sin be holding you hostage from God's appointed destiny for your life?

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Here's what others have to say about UNMUZZLED

"I can say without equivocation that UNMUZZLED is the most factual, liberating, fascinating, transformative book for men wanting freedom from sexual sin I've ever read. It's actually one of the best books for men on any topic, including my own book, I've ever read. Jeremy is practical, funny, serious, vulnerable, direct, and deeply spiritual. Wait no longer. Read this book immediately, and send to all the men you know! Many will be set free."
Larry Titus
Author, International Speaker and President of Kingdom Global Ministries
"Few problems impact marriages like pornography. I'm convinced this is one of Satan's most powerful tools today—but it can't withstand the Word of God. Jeremy's message is one all men need to hear."
Jimmy Evans
Founder & CEO, MarriageToday.com
"UNMUZZLED provides a way of escape from the greatest threat to the cause of Christ today! Jeremy pulls no punches in this powerful and practical book on how to walk in freedom from sexual sin. Tragically, most Christian men are struggling. Unmuzzled exposes the danger of pornography, hidden sexual sin, and provides the Biblical roadmap like never seen before. Every man should read this book!"
Josh McDowell
Best-Selling Author of "Evidence That Demands a Verdict" International Speaker and Christian Apologist
"Every church leader and every man in your church needs to read this book and heed the warning within. The church can no longer turn a blind eye to the ramifications pornography and other sexual sins are having on our families and in our leadership. We must get the message of Unmuzzled out and recognize the only way out of this problem is through the Word of God. God's Word created the universe and it is His Word that has the power to turn a man's heart from this horrible epidemic facing our families. It's time we take our masculinity back and become all that God has called us to be."
Todd McIntyre
Men’s Conference Speaker and Senior Executive Pastor, Victory Church
About the author

Jeremy Shelton

Jeremy is a man on a mission to directly confront sexual sin in the church today. He does so with the belief God is using him to grab hold of those heading toward a slaughter. His new book: UNMUZZLED, exposes the grip of sexual temptation and sin like never before, and is poised to be a game-changer for Christians in sexual bondage. He and his wife of eighteen years have five children and live in Texas.
About the book

Could sexual sin be holding you hostage from God’s appointed destiny for your life?

Did you know most Christian men today look at pornography and have hidden sexual sin in their life? Besides the Bible, there have been hundreds of books written, thousands of sermons preached, and millions of prayers prayed against sexual immorality.

Yet instead of witnessing an uprising, we are tolerating a backsliding. Get ready to drop Hell's most celebrated sin in your life! This muzzling grip is hell-bent on preventing you from reaching all God has for you. This isn't a pat on the back, don't beat yourself up, continue to misuse His grace message. It's a wake up, get unbound, and be transformed by His grace message. A time-sensitive and prophetic warning written specifically to men who call themselves Christians.
What this book is not about:
  • How accountability is the answer.
  • How software protection is the answer.
  • How you can be permanently "healed" from sexual temptation.
What this book is about:
  • How God's grace invites Him in, not excuses Him out.
  • How to actually conquer sexual temptation.
  • A timely and prophetic warning of a new sexual trap approaching.

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